After Thought for two flutes, 2015 (rev. October 2016)

This piece is informed by reflection on memory, and the idea that though in real-time an event may occur in little more than an instant, recollection of that instant allows one to prolong what might have first lasted ten seconds for ten minutes, hours, days... And further, that in recalling what may have initially been an isolated occurrence, one's reflecting on the same events is tinged by what has happened since or before, by perceptions of who or what may have been involved, by the weather today... The music is organized, then, as a recollection of the first gesture/phrase of the piece. The longer sections that follow are explorations of that first phrase. Though the dilated progression through that original material is linear (i.e. as it occurred initially), there are hints of other moments than that upon which the current "focus" might be, just as memory blurs the events of that which is being recalled. We don't get a clear picture, but rather whisperings of it---in the music, gestures are freely associated with the first phrase, with each other, and with other seemingly distant ideas.

This piece was written for Alexandria Hoffman and Andrea Cunningham in March and April of 2015 as part of Claire Chase's residency at the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University; revised and re-premiered on 20 May 2016 at Galvin Recital Hall at Northwestern University.

Awarded 2nd prize in 3° Concurso de Composição of the Academia de Flauta de Verão, July 2016

Score published by Scherzo Editions, 2016