And end up everywhere for 13 musicians, 2015

My concept for this piece was rooted in the Lakota phrase/worldview "mitakuye oyasin" -- “all my relations.” Within a similar context, a phrase from Rumi, the 13th-century Sufi mystic, also stuck out to me:

“Like birdsong beginning inside the egg.”

And I wondered about it, about everything that caused the egg to exist. The chicken, yes, but also the farmer, who he fell in love with, foxes, construction zones, marketplaces, a particular breeze, wood, leaves rustling, beaches, moons, stars exploding, the sun, mosquitos, asteroids, the sound of a bird one day in July that makes you stop and listen for a few moments, bigger birds, their eggs…

and you dig and dig until you look up and see the entire universe in something as simple as an egg.