(n). a temporary shelter, often improvised out of materials found in the surrounding environment


BIVOUAC is the performing arts project of cellist, composer, and improviser Wilson Tanner Smith.
It creates across disciplines of music, theatre, dance, poetry, visual, and performance art.
It is often expressed through spareness, subtlety, and the embodiment of deep intention, with an eye/ear towards that Presence found within-under each moment, object, sound, gesture, gaze, word:

That there are all things flowing through [this] thing, in [this] place, with [these] people, at [this] time.

Some of the examples of work on this site, especially those under the “composer-performer” heading, comprise examples of BIVOUAC’s work, but there is much more to come in 2019: stay tuned for world-premiere evening-length performances, and a debut solo cello album in the fall.

We each are and
are in
at various times and
in various situations.

Temporary, poor, improvised
Lodging during a
journey. Imperfect and

(n). a temporary shelter, often improvised out of materials from the surrounding environment