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NIGHT 1 - Ayako Kato's Co-MISSION Fellowship premiere: stück 1998/anchor 2018

Links Hall Co-MISSION Fellowship + Ayako Kato/Art Union Humanscape 20th Anniversary kick-off project

I will be moving and playing cello in Ayako Kato's 4-part world-premiere realization of Manfed Werder's stück 1998.

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the world premiere
stück 1998 / anchor 2018
- Infinity, Limit, What is Independence (of dance)? -

Actualization by Corinne Imberski, Wilson Tanner Smith,
Jeff Kimmel, Christina Martin, Ayako Kato
Composition by Mandred Werder
Choreographic Direction by Ayako Kato with movement invention with artists
Costume by Amanda Frank