More aptly put (or, Still worth a try), performance piece for cello, December 2017

The inciting question for this piece was:

"What does one have real agency/control over?" 

Venturing an answer: "Very little, but--"

As this piece evolved, this original direction wandered towards something like:

It's impossible to communicate effectively, fully.

(that's not the point. instead, said with a smile:)
there are never the perfect words, yet
you can still hear me,
face to face, cheek to cheek.

Performed 14 and 15 December 2017 at the Hamlin Park, as part of "Stuck foot open hand running mouth," a concert produced during a three-month workshop of Ayako Kato's Art of Now III: Creating Experimental Work.
Tech and lighting by Jacob Snodgrass
Video by Paul Park