GOSHINOUAC, in collaboration with Max Abner, Evanston, IL, 28 August 2018

Live Concert Album available on Bandcamp

An experimental house concert devised and developed in collaboration with Max Abner, blending open improvisation with traditional song structures, and addressing themes of home, shelter, memory, and the double-edge of nostalgia.

Created by Max Abner (guitar, keyboards, voice) and Wilson Tanner Smith (cello, harmonium, synthesizer); with Tommy Carrol (percussion), and Anna White (bass)

Kristina Isabelle’s Dance-Scape, Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, 15 September 2018


Dance-Scape is an interactive movement piece inspired by Ragdale's prairie landscape and the dynamic Ring. Set design by Galo Canizares and Stephanie Sang Delgado, featuring Kristina Isabelle dance, Walkabout Theater, Hubbard Street Professional Training Program, costumes by Heidi Kambitch.

Music by Ryan Packard and Wilson Tanner Smith

Kristina Isabelle’s Land Mass: North Park, North Park Village Nature Center, Aug 31-Sep 2, 2018

See preview videos (1, 2) from an exploratory workshop at Tryon Farms in Michigan City, IN

Kristina Isabelle Dance in partnership with Chicago Park District’s “Night Out in the Parks”

Concept and Direction: Kristina Isabelle
Movement: Angela Luem, Aaliyah Christina, Liz Conway, Precious Jennings and Kristina Isabelle, Megan Schneeberger, Kellyn Jackson
Sound: Wilson Tanner Smith, Debra Sawyer, Lia Kohl
Sculpture: Christine Forni
Costumes: Vin Reed

Land Mass: North Park is a site-specific walking dance performance highlighting the land and environment with movement, sound and sculpture. Land Mass is a meditative exploration of the land, body and our relationships and connection to nature.

Ben Zucker's QOWOOOPO, world premiere performance, 29 April 2018

"QOWOOOPO takes part of its name from Bennett Foddy’s game QWOP, in which all the limbs of a runner are controlled with multiple keys. Purposefully frustrating and complex, the nuance of independent limb control inspired this piece, where the cellist attempts several gradual circular bows (the Os of the rest of the title) while engaging in various other activities of variable musicality. While perhaps amusing on a surface level, the multiple streams of action require an alternative embodied virtuosity on the part of the performer, and seeks to foreground the assumptions and limits of full-bodied ability inherent to cello playing in the classical music tradition writ large. Struggle is encouraged, as it brings us closer to ourselves and that which we cherish by function."

Ayako Kato's Stück 1998/anchor 2018, Links Hall, Chicago, IL, February 2018

Choreographic Direction by Ayako Kato with movement invention with dancers/movers
Music composed by Manfred Werder (Stück 1998 -- world premiere of pages 879-908 of a 4000-page work)
Costume by Amanda Frank
Lighting by Ken Urbina

Actualization by Corinne Imberski, dance & piano; Chrissy Martin, dance, voice & piano; Wilson Tanner Smith, cello & movement; Jeff Kimmel, clarinet & movement; Ayako Kato, dance & piano

See excerpts from all four unique nights of performance below:

Ayako Kato's What is Movement?, 4 June 2017

Movement exhibition devised and curated by dancer/choreographer Ayako Kato, which remarks on the intangible: time, gravity, space, energy, breath, emotion, idea, memory, and image through movement and stillness.

Featuring cello and movement improvisation devised for this performance piece by Wilson Tanner Smith

DORIANin collaboration with playwright Pedro Castillo García, 2015-2017


DORIAN is a new jazz musical by Pedro Castillo García and Wilson Tanner Smith, based on Oscar Wilde’s celebrated and immor(t)al novel, "The Picture of Dorian Gray."

"Dorian" is a new jazz musical by Pedro Castillo Garcia and Wilson Tanner Smith, based on Oscar Wilde's celebrated novel. It had its staged-reading premiere at the Victory Gardens Biograph Theatre in Chicago, May 14 and 15, 2017, directed by Sophie Blumberg.

See the trailer below!