You just you and not someone else, dance-theatre, December 2018

In such a place through time and people in awe and the same in another from very long ago till now invariable and all of a sudden

With vocal improvisation devised by, and in collaboration with, Julian Otis

Having been here before,
at least once,
They knew if to be true in a
general sense.

But feeling the breeze, and
seeing the grasses,
finding it very

"The conditions for your existence are almost as old as the rocks you see... A hundred years ago, perhaps, another person sat on this spot; like you they gazed with awe and yearning in their heart at—.They felt pain and brief joy as you do. Were they someone else? Was it not you yourself?..." (E. Schrödinger)

This performance was supported by the Chicago Moving Company and produced through a three-month workshop with dancer/choreographer Ayako Kato at the Hamlin Park Theater.  It is part of U N T E T H E R E D, a 2-week performance/installation project on the eve of winter that includes 2 separate shows/weekends and multiple distinctive movement artists at the Hamlin Park Theater (all linked under the Chicago Moving Company umbrella).